Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ski Day 4: And The Crowds Came

Vert: 9,705 m YTD Cum Vert: 40,365 m
Runs: 15 YTD Cum Runs: 67

Finally, after 2 quiet days, the crowds showed up on December 27th and cars were parked 2.1 km past the gate at the end of B lot, which is more than the number of cars on the 25th & 26th combined. All those folks were treated to another nice sunny day, just like yesterday, but a bit warmer with +4° at Divide base in early afternoon. However, with a light breeze and some wispy high clouds, it didn't feel as warm as yesterday.

Yesterday's temps and sun resulted in snow that had in places been through a freeze-thaw cycle, such as Upper Freefall, Bye Bye Bowl, South 205 and Angel Flight, which made for very choppy turns until the sun got back on them for an hour or so. Runs that had stayed shady (like OS Pitch) were unaffected. Untracked powder was hard to find, with more and more folks venturing outside the fence, especially at Cat Track Corner and Peyto Pass.

We bailed early, as stuff was getting tracked out, plus we had Chesley showing up for dinner. So we fell just a few feet short of skiing 100,000 vertical feet in 3 days, and our legs told us about every foot of it.

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