Saturday, 13 February 2010

Ski Day 14: Riding with Olympians

Vert: 11,611 m YTD Cum Vert: 144,846 m
Runs: 20 YTD Cum Runs: 244

Overcast with sun peeking through most of the day, so the viz remained fair to good and the light only got very flat occasionally

Temps were moderate, -6° to +2° but it never felt that warm and I wouldn't say much softened through the day. Reports of a little bit of snow a few days ago are probably correct; at least 10 cm filled tracks I made last weekend ;-)

Conditions are fine but continue to firm with the high traffic areas getting scrapier and scrapier, with the worst examples being Gold and Silver Gladerunner, Ecstasy face by Angel Chair and Red 90. Still, I can't call it ice.

There are, however, obvious places of sun affected snow; while Bye Bye Bowl was nice and had numerous lines to play in the limited freshies, the lumps underneath sure seemed to have gone through a freeze-thaw cycle. Same was true of the Wildside chute, and the increasingly unpleasant Cleavage traverse today really wasn't worth the effort (but I took KC over there anyway). Ski patrol said it got to +4° on Goat's Eye's south side chutes this week and turned everything to mush which has re-frozen. It was busy as one would expect on the Family Day long weekend; steady lines to the end of the corrals at Divide all afternoon, and cars park 3.2 km past the gate.

Rode a lift with two speed skaters from Holland. They just missed making the Olympic team, and were staying in Calgary for a competition before heading to Vancouver later this week to act as back up for the team. And we had just come from lunch where we had watched portions of the men's 5,000 m race. I was thinking: they were doing the 5 km in 6 minutes or so. That's an average of about 50 km/hr. No wonder they call it speed skating.

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