Saturday, 25 December 2010

Ski Day 4: Merry Christmas

Vert: 8,920 m YTD Cum Vert: 31,980 m
Runs: 17 YTD Cum Runs: 62

It was only slightly busier than yesterday, which is about typical for Christmas Day at Sunshine. It dawned mostly clear but windy, with early AM winds of 40-50 km/hr at the top of Divide according to one patroller I spoke with. So even though it was warmer than yesterday (-5° at 9:30 AM), it didn't feel it.

The strong winds did not help conditions, especially on the upper half of Goat's Eye, in Bye Bye Bowl, and on the other typically affected faces of Angel Flight, Red 90, the World Cup Downhill near the top of the Angel Traverse and the top of Standish. All of these places had significant areas of windblown super hard pack (I was glad we got our edges sharpened a few weeks back). The strong winds came with funky clouds.

I should have made a movie of the latter picture, as the clouds were hurtling by at 50-80 km/hr just overhead.

The winds died during the day, and it got sunnier. By early afternoon it was quite pleasant.

Loyal readers of this blog will know that while you will see occasional shots of KC, shots of me are a rarity. I got KC a camera for Christmas. Now you'll get to see my butt from time to time.

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