Thursday, 14 April 2011

Ski day 47: It won't stop snowing

Vert: 5,980 m;   YTD cum vert: 401,810 m
Runs: 11;   YTD cum runs: 747

They threatened a heavy snowfall warning in Canmore last night but all we got was about 3"; looks like Calgary got hit the hardest. But it snowed up at Sunshine, and it kept it up all day, giving 8-15 cm from the parking lot to the peak at the start of the day.
15 cm on Scapegoat
The challenge was the rotten viz, strong wind and generally driving blizzard that let up a bit late morning and over the lunch hour.
Intersection of Scapegoat, Rolling Thunder & Sunshine Coast
There was hardly anyone here, so finding freshies was easy, and at the times when the viz improved, you could explore pretty nicely and get some really nice snow curling over your knees. However, it was not a day to get up Divide, which as far as we could tell was a fog bowl all day.

The weather respite at lunch didn't last, and by 1:30 it was back to heavy snow and windy conditions. We ran a few laps on Standish in some nice fresh tracks on Upper Standish after lunch before my friend Norm's legs ran out, hence the low vert for the day.
The village from the Parks cabin in early PM snow

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