Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ski day 50: Fifty!!!

Vert: 9,975 m;   YTD cum vert: 428,585 m
Runs: 18;   YTD cum runs: 795

Today was just like yesterday with slightly better PM viz. It started sunny, and I started in the South Side Chutes.
Looking back to Jackrabbit from the Wildside entrance

The gully access to the Wildside

The other side of the gully, looking towards the entrance of Tobacco Road

Looking up from the entrance to Tobacco Road
You can see from the 3rd shot above that there had been more traffic in here yesterday afternoon resulting in fewer fresh lines for me. Ah well. The snow was still really nice though.

I've been spending so much time in the chutes that I decided to check out some lines that more accessible to folks. For instance, I played around under Cleavage and Gold Scapegoat a bit.
Fat Boy from beside the Cleavage rocks
The moguls in there were real but fairly soft and not offensive, and there were some bits of powder, but generally it's really heavily tracked.

Like yesterday, there was the odd cloudy/foggy/snowy period in the morning, and in the afternoon (around 2 PM) they became more frequent, and it frequently socked in.
A very black squall coming in from the Mt. Borgeau side
Nothing really serious passed through, however. All that happened was the viz got poor for 10-20 minutes, then it would get better for a while till the next cloud arrived. It stayed cold all day and the sun didn't seem to have an effect on the conditions. This isn't supposed to continue; the weather forecast is calling for a warming trend, and I suspect we will shift from winter to spring by Saturday.

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