Sunday, 19 June 2011

Amsterdam Leftovers, Part 1: Picknickers

There were too many cool things in Amsterdam to cover in the posts I did while there. Here's some of the leftovers that didn't seem to fit.

People loved sitting on the edge of the canal eating dinner directly in front of our window. Most seemed to be eating Chinese or Indian take-out (there were two or three takeout places just around the corner from us). Even boats would pull up, people would get off, and come back 20 minutes later with take out containers. Here's some examples of the picnickers. The first group of 8 photos were all taken within a 3 hour period:
After a hard day at the market 
Hangin' by the boats

Shoes off when dangling 
Beer. Always beer. 
Group 1 of 3

Group 2 of 3

Groups 1 & 2

Groups 1, 2 & 3
People also sat opposite us, too.
Lunchtime chow down 
Late night snack time 
A bag of chips and thou 
No food, just watching
Up periscope 
Kipping under the trees
Watching something down the canal 
Beautiful women checking photos
But of all the picnickers, 3 stood out. In 3rd place, the princesses:
Yes, they are all wearing tiaras
In second place, a guy who after picnicking, brushed his teeth.
Dental hygiene is so under appreciated
But the winner, without question was this guy, who parked his little BMW, and pulled out of his trunk a table and a chair...
Important things to have in your trunk
...ate dinner...
Note the ice bucket for his chilled rosé
...then got out his espresso machine and made coffee....
BYO stove
...before sitting for a while watching the boats.
Nice footstool
You gotta admit, the man has style.


Edwin said...

The man has style, thats a fact, but I can't help but feel sorry for him as well. Don't you?

Anonymous said...

Not really. But then again, I didn't know eating alone was such a social faux pas until my 20's.
But what are the possibilities???
1. Widower: visiting the place where he first met his wife on a boat cruise. Beautiful, bittersweet and utterly romantic.
2. Divorce': Finished the paperwork. First stop before the red light district.
3. Regular Joe: may be single. Maybe the kids have flown the nest. Free night to visit the old university digs to watch the boats (which, according to previous documentation, can be very entertaining).
Curious to hear what the other possibilities might be. If I were one my own in Amsterdam, would I do the same with a glass of wine, fresh baguette and slice of Gouda? Quite possibly!