Sunday, 19 June 2011

We have a bunny

We came back from Amsterdam to find that a wild jackrabbit has taken up residence in our back yard.

Eating our grass
He (or she; we call it "Pat the Bunny") is quite a bold little thing. Pat will stay perfectly still with ears folded down as we walk past, and so long as we stay about 5' or so away, Pat will not move. Occasionally, Pat "hides" in the ferns.
Can you see Pat?
The ferns are directly in front of one of our windows, so Pat's not hiding from us. During the day, Pat (like all jackrabbits) lays still in a small bunny sized depression in our grass, usually with ears up...
Relaxed but listening
...but we can go upstairs and look down.
Not hiding from me, I guess
His normal laying area is now devoid of grass and bunny shaped. When Pat chills out, Pat really chills out.
When it rains, Pat hides under our deck. But mostly, Pat just eats a lot of grass. It's been raining, so I haven't been able to cut the lawn for more than a week. Pat's lovin' this.
Snack time
I have little munch lines in my lawn where Pat has spent a day or more chowing down. The downside to this is that Pat leaves behind used bunny food. Lots of used bunny food.

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