Saturday, 5 May 2012

And the trip starts: Days 1 & 2

Though we left last Sunday, today is the first day we have been thoroughly internet connected. I will attempt to summarize, and come back and post later some details of our trip. In the interests of my sanity and breaking this into bite sized chunks, I offer it a few days at a time.

Day 1: Home to Billings, Montana

An 11 hour drive (the longest of the vacation) with limited interest, save for a train on a really big bridge (at Lethbridge)...
Very long & very tall
...dramatic wind turbines in northeast Montana...
Oooh, the white against the storm clouds...
...and a really crappy hotel in Billings, where the wireless internet worked (but not in our room), the room was switched from smoking to non-smoking the night before (based on the stench in the room), and the only "closet" was three screws hanging out of a bracket on the wall (that presumably actually held a clothes rail at one time).
Note the coat hanger. Actually supplied in the room. 
Day 2: Billings to the Black Hills

Our first stop of the day was at the Little Big Horn, where it became really obvious what an idiot bad general and poor strategist Custer was.

The cemetery
Fallen soldier's headstones... 
...placed where they probably fell
More on Custer in a later post.

Thence past a lot of pronghorn to Devil's Tower, a place we really liked and were very sorry we weren't able to spend more time.
Trust vehicle at the overlook
Very cool.
It smelled nice here, and the forest was wonderful. Sigh. Off, then, to our target campground in Custer State Park in the Black Hills. Where we were greeted by deer in the campground on arrival...
Four or so...
...and 8 buffalo just outside the campground fence in the morning.
Big. Really big.

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