Sunday, 15 July 2012

7,414 lbs

Our reno starts Monday. We have three things to do to get ready for Monday, then some more for the rest of the job. Our first was easy; clear out the window box in the kitchen that will disappear early.

Our second was to deconstruct the patio to make room for them to dig a hole for the basement extension. This involved pulling up interlocking bricks. A lot of interlocking bricks. 950 whole ones, plus about 30 partial ones and edge bricks.
The bricks removed
It took us about 4 hours in the 28° heat. We moved them beside the garage into two neat piles.

45 brick per layer, 15 layers. 25 bricks per layer, 11 layers
Each brick weighs about 3.54 kg, or 7.8 lbs. So carrying them in piles of 3 or 4, we moved 7,414 lbs of bricks, give or take. That's 3.7 US Tons of bricks. 3.3 long tons of bricks. 3,363 kg of bricks.

No wonder we hurt on Saturday.

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