Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Complexities of being an actor

When we went to this casting call, we thought we would be around anyway so thought nothing of agreeing to be at their beck and call. Then, courtesy of the reno, Fortis cut our power, leaving us without water (no power to the well, no power to the water pressure tank). ETA Power: Wednesday AM.

So as mentioned here, we bailed to Calgary to hide at a friends for a few days. No sooner did we arrive that we found out they had indeed cast us -- for Friday. No sweat, we said. We'll be home Friday.

Then they called us again and asked if they could cast our car, too. It just has to be clean. Sure, we said.

Then they called again, and asked if we could come in to the movie shoot Thursday, too. No sweat, we said. The power should be back on Wednesday.

Then, of course, in typical Canmore time, we found out this afternoon that the forecast for re-powering us has now moved to Thursday. Or maybe Friday. Oops. Now we have a problem.

We can't go home Wednesday night. No power. No water. No way to get ready for the movie shoot Thursday morning. But we have to at least stop at home on Thursday morning to get my tux, KC's make-up, and get us both ready. We can't stay in Calgary, then get up stupidly early Thursday, stop at Canmore & pick up our stuff, for the car will be covered in dead bugs by the time we get to Banff.

So we are going to stay in a hotel in Canmore Wednesday night. We thought we might have to hotel it a few nights anyway when the reno got planned; the last few days have just been freebees.

But what to do for Thursday night? The power might be back on; if so, no problem. But what if it isn't? We could spend another night in Canmore. But accommodation is tight at this time of year. And right now the only stuff we can find is stupidly expensive.

Boy, it's tough being an actor.

Are your problems this trivial?

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Edwin said...

If only they were, my friend, if only they were... But then again, every one has it's fair share. I can still consider myself one lucky guy!