Sunday, 16 September 2012

And the reno keeps plodding along

Progress since the last updates:

  • The electrical and plumbing rough-ins were completed;
  • The ceiling was dropped 3" on the one side to make it level throughout
The light boxes are at the old level
  • Rough-ins for the dryer vent and the hood fan were put in;
  • The siding has now basically been finished, as have the soffits and facia;
Siding on the kitchen wall replaced 
Back wall, too. And note the roof
  • While the roofing hasn't really started as yet, they came and applied the waterproofing sheets that go underneath it. Supposedly, it shouldn't leak if it rains again. It hasn't, so we trust that it won't. The latest is that the roofers are supposed to be here this week. For sure. Maybe. We hope. Probably.
  • Given that all of the rough-ins were done, we were supposed to have an inspection of the framing prior to insulation and vapour barrier. But the inspector only comes one day a week, and on the day he was supposed to show, he was sick. We therefore got a verbal go-ahead for the insulation, which started Friday.
More pinkness 
Pinkness left to do
It's eerily quiet in there now.

So expected this week:
  • Finish the insulation;
  • Install the vapour barrier;
  • Replacing the roof;
  • We might get some exterior painting done (window trims, doors, that kind of thing)
  • Inspection on Thursday;
  • Drywall starts on Friday.
After the drywall and painting, the actual kitchen cabinets get installed. We're looking at being finished just in time to go to Maui...