Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Not so good reno news

Originally, our project was to be finished around now. "Canmore time" and other issues got in the way, and the timeline was updated so that we would be finished in early October. Knowing this, we planned our annual pilgrimage to Maui for Oct 22 to Nov 16, back in time for ski season.

Today, we found out the cabinet delivery has been delayed, and we can't install until just before we go to Maui. Lots must be done to complete the project after the cabinets arrive -- likely 2 weeks worth or work, most of which requires our input.

This creates several challenges, foremost of which is that it's tough to ask someone to house sit for you when your kitchen consists of a spare bathroom, a Coleman stove, a fridge in a hallway, and a BBQ that requires walking a lap of the outside of the house to access.

So we made the tough decision today that we will freeze the kitchen project in its entirety while in Maui. This means the kitchen should be finished just in time for Christmas.

But knowing Canmore time, it could be Easter.

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Edwin said...

Tough luck, but hey, the alternative would have been to skip your anual Hawai trip..., guess you guys made the right choice.