Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Home, but...

We arrived home from Maui late in the afternoon last Friday, and it has been not stop craziness since we landed. Some brief updates, with more details (and photos) to follow:

The Reno

Just before we got home, they installed most of the lights so now we can see in the dark (though it took us until Monday to figure out that the switches worked). They also put down the in-floor heating and levelled the floor, with the intention of laying down the floor tiles starting first thing Monday. Our floor tiles arrived while we were away. We picked them up and, on Sunday night (mostly by flashlight), started testing out the tile pattern we worked up. But something just didn't seem right to KC. In the daylight first thing Monday morning, KC figured it out: we had the correct tile shape but the wrong tile colour. The installer arrived about 10 minutes after we figured this out. Panic call to tile supplier; new tiles should arrive Wednesday, and the installer will come by Thursday to start. Update: In typical Canmore time fashion, the tiles did NOT arrive by close of business Wednesday. No Thursday install. Now maybe a Friday install start. Maybe.

On the bright side, we found out tile pattern we designed on paper wouldn't have worked anyway.

Appliances, we were told, could be delivered any time. We called to make the delivery arrangements, and learned that, more accurately, the appliances can be delivered any time so long as its a Wednesday. So they will come on the 28th, after which the last of the rest of the stuff can be done. We might -- just might -- be finished by Nov 30.

Other Stuff

We flew in Friday night. I worked as a SnowHost on Saturday, which you can read about on my other blog here. There's something inherently psychotic about being in Maui and +28° one day, and skiing 2 days later at -8°.

Sunday we spent all day in a season wrap up session of the Bow Valley Stewards. That's the group where we plant plants (or rip up plants) or do other "stuff" to enhance wildlife habitat in the Bow Valley. Great talk on the white nose syndrome that's killing North American bats.

Monday, I had two meetings. The first was with the MD about our condo complex, associated with land we own that is affected by the annoying development that's going up the other side of the creek that we don't like and have been trying to stop. Then the Condo Board -- of which I am Chair -- had an impromptu discussion on the upcoming budget that lasted an hour.

The second meeting was with the Trails Coordinator of the Friends of Kananaskis, the non-profit who's Board of Directors I am on. We talked mostly website development and IT stuff.

Tuesday, we had to get snow tires installed on both our cars. Then I had a Friends Board meeting in Calgary, plus a meeting with a website designer. It was a joyous hour long commute through a raging snowstorm to get to the meeting, and another one to get home -- so it's a really, really good thing we got the tires on.

And you thought retirement was sitting around with your feet up.

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