Sunday, 4 November 2012

Zip, zip, zippin'

My daughter was here for a week on Maui with us (starving new grads never turn down free accommodation, even employed ones). We took her on a snorkel boat trip to the Kanaio Coast and Molokini, and got to drift snorkel the back wall of Molokini. You're in ~300' of water with ~150' visibility, and you get to see the wall of coral disappear down into the depths. It's VERY cool.

But not, apparently, cool enough for her. Neither was blasting around at 40 kts on the speed boat we used to visit the place. No, on Wednesday, she said she wanted to go ziplining, and not just on any zip line, but on the Flyin' Hawaiian Zipline, featuring the 3rd longest single zipline in the world. As would any dad hoping to buy her affections, I said I would join her.

The line runs above the two golf courses on the north side of the central valley. They start you with a short little 200' line to practice positions.
One has landed. Another is on the line.
Then the first main line is a little 2,600' sucker that gets you going ~85 km/hr (according to my GPS).
My daughter blasts off with screams
The next one is ~2,100' and I peaked out at 91 km/hr. The next is 2,500'.
More screams
Around here I figured I could hold my camera and make a movie (while going 60 km/hr).
More lines came, including one you could ride backwards.
Ready, and... while hanging upside down.
If I could film me, I could film my daughter. Love her landing.
All roads lead to the monster. The last line is a whopping 3,600'. That's 1.09 km. You can barely make out the end from the starting platform.
Ready to launch. The end is over by the road in the distance 
Flyin' Hawaiian
I did it too. Here's my landing.
Along the way, you get bi-costal views.
Here's the route as seen in Google Earth.
The lines are numbered
When I dropped her at the airport, I asked what her best thing was while on the island. Was it my cooking? No. Was it the great beach time? No. Was it the beautiful sunsets? No. Was it the killer boat trip and snorkeling with turtles? No.

It was the Flyin' Hawaiian Zipline.

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Edwin said...

That is one stunning daughter you have there and I couldn't agree more with her taste for thrills.

I absolutely love these kind of rides. Did you enjoy them too?