Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ski Day 16, Sunshine April 27 2007

Vertical: 10,235 m, Cum to date: 161,420 m <== 1,648 short of our record year
Runs: 21, Cum to date: 309
YTD Average run 522 m, YTD Average 10,089 m/ski day

It was a wonderful day for spring skiing.

10 days ago we had a wicker winter blast that threw down 60 cm of snow at Sunshine. I was sick last weekend, so missed the powder (folks I know said it was world class). I was bound & determined to get out this weekend, as this week marked the official transition from winter to spring skiing.

And what a spring day it was. It was about 0° when we got to the village, so we did a few runs on Standish to start the day.

Standish isn't usually my favourite, but it gets early AM sun. By 9:30, it was generally soft in the sunny areas but not slushy. The shade was ice. So we headed up Divide and found a very mixed bag of conditions, with good at the top, a middle band of hardpack, and the lower part of ice. The conditions improved all morning; by lunch they were very nice.

Hanging on the deck catching rays for the morning hot chocolate is part of the fun of spring skiing.

We spent the afternoon on Goat's Eye enjoying the corn (it was soft and wonderful on Wildfire, Rolling Thunder & Sunshine Coast) and building vert. This season is very close to our record season of 1996/1997, where we managed 163,068 m. Now, in those days, we skied on the CFCN ski team, so had a lot of days with low vert. Last year we missed the record by 368 m (we were asleep at the wheel -- we bailed on our last day with only 7,250 m). All we need is one more day, 1,648 more meters. Think we can do it?

I do. After all, with 60 cm last week, the coverage is there.

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