Sunday, 13 April 2008

Hunt Oil Ski Day, April 5, 2008

Vertical: 8,430 m, Cum to date: 151,185 m
Runs: 13, Cum to date: 288
YTD Average run 522 m, YTD Average 10,079 m/ski day

A bunch of folks from my company went skiing to Sunshine last weekend. It's taken me until now to get the post up. It was a great day, with most every kind of weather known to mankind. There was about 15 cm fresh, there was some blue sky in the afternoon, a bit of wind and cloud in the morning -- Bob Park summed it up best when he called it "just a great day to be out". The vert wasn't high, because all group ski days are like herding cats. In addition, KC and "Jimmy Bob" Davies spent an hour waiting to get into the Chimney Corner for lunch, and KC & I had to scoot home to go to the Junos (see next post).

And the final reason vert was low is because of the aforementioned Mr. Park, and Mr. Petrovic. These two "way better than me" skiers decided to push my personal limits of sanity in run selection, so we spent most of the morning mashing in the double blacks in the Cleavage and Wild Side areas of Goat's Eye, where the chutes are steep with 10+ foot drop ins and the moguls are the size of small tractors. Thus degradeth my legs...

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