Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ski Day 8: All By Myself

Vert: 10,775 m YTD Cum Vert: 70,405
Runs: 16 YTD Runs: 124

KC had to work the Superbowl today, so I was all by my lonesome. Based on the last few times at Sunshine, I decided to beat the crowd and get there "early" so arrived at the parking lot at 8:45 -- and was loading onto Goat's Eye at 9:10. Accordingly, with one short mid morning break, I broke 10,000 m by 12:45, so decided to go for an late lunch and to call it a day.

It was a nice day, though chilly, with -15° to -12° all day. The sun was out much of the morning, and it was starting to sock in as I left. I spent the whole day on Goat's Eye, as TP Town was down and didn't cherish the thought of the gondola uplift. Based on reports from others, I can't say that was a dumb decision. Pretty much everywhere, the above tree line stuff was like Norquay yesterday, all ice and hardpack. Below that was great, with the best being Rolling Thunder and Wildfire, both of which had stashes of the 40 cm that has fallen her in the last week.

I heard Standish was down since mid-day yesterday. Apparently some guy was riding it single in the strong winds, and was sitting on the side of the chair instead of the middle. The chair struck one of the towers and bent badly. Not sure when it will be fixed.

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