Saturday, 15 January 2011

Ski Day 11: EPIC!!!!

Vert: 7,260 m YTD Cum Vert: 92,570 m
Runs: 12 YTD Cum Runs: 167

22 cm overnight and +50 cm in the past 48 hrs made for epic, heli skiing like powder conditions, with knee deep to waist deep powder in the morning. Goat's Eye had a chair spacing problem first thing, and when it finally started at 9:45, the corrals were full, and we were at the back of them. However, despite this, we got awesome first tracks on Rolling Thunder. Here's KC catching some powder turns on the lower section.

It was socked in first thing, but got sunny around noon.

The hill was VERY busy, but lift lines were short. The net result was that, just like last weekend, anything easy to access was skied out by 11. However, that still left a LOT of rocking terrain.

It socked in and started snowing again in the PM. We were up on Divide and it was basically a white out above the top of Angel. Our legs were beat from an epic morning, so we bailed a little early.

The avi conditions were fearsome. Parks Canada heli bombed the Borgeau chutes in the AM, and triggered an avi that covered the access road at 10 AM with 50 m of debris 3 m deep. It took 90 min to open the road again (it's funny to see a snow cat parked on the road 1.5 km from the base area). Sunshine bombed the Wild West chutes and buried the ski out enough to close it for a half hour while they cleared it. Two major natural avis happened in the Dive (Milky Way & Starbucks). Today was avalanche awareness days. They cancelled all the events due to the weather, but I for one thought it was a great day to see how avis happen.

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