Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ski Day 13: More Epic-ness

Vert: 7,445 m YTD Cum Vert: 106,835 m
Runs: 12 YTD Cum Runs: 190

When I look back at the stats I have kept for the last 16 years of skiing at Sunshine, I can see that generally, we don't get a lot of epic powder days, with fresh snow up to your knees. Normally, I get those in my annual Big White fix in March. Sunshine generally goes through the winters with regular small snowfalls of 5-10 cm, which enough to keep things nice and silky, but rarely do we compete with Fernie or Revi snowfalls. However...

This year, we have already had two days of high levels of epic-osity, and today was day number three. They reported 22 cm overnight, and everything was at least boot top and frequently knee deep.

The AM was a bit challenging, as the snow had drifted into and hidden all the moguls, meaning the odd and unexpected sudden drop to your waist. But everything was gorgeous and silky light, unlike the heavier powder of a few weeks back. AM viz wasn't the best...

then it cleared a bit around noon...

then socked in again, meaning the PM was an exercise in braille on top of Divide, in Boundary Bowl, and in Bye Bye Bowl. The wind was also blowing from the east, meaning the drifts were in the "wrong" places, plus it was a chilly -15° most of the day, and snowing.

In hindsight, we probably should have gone back to Goat's Eye in the PM for the better viz, but instead we fought with it up on Angel and Divide until we got fed up of not being able to see, then gave up. But not for lack of fresh tracks; busy as it was, we were still getting knee deep untracked powder shots on the way to the ski out.

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