Friday, 1 July 2011

6 degrees of separation from someone who is famous

I am the follower of an outstanding blog, "By Ken Levine", written by an Emmy winning TV producer/writer/director. Ken's blog was picked by Time magazine as one of the 10 best blogs of 2011. He writes about writing for TV shows, and he does two things that amaze me, given the popularity of his blog:

  1. He reads every comment (and you can tell he actually does this because he comments on some and responds to comments on others). Many of his daily posts get 60+ comments on them, so this isn't a small commitment;
  2. He hosts "Friday Question" day each week, where his post is dedicated to answering 2-5 questions posed by his readers.
Today, in this post, he responded to one of my questions! I am honoured.

If 60 people posted comments on my blog, I might have a heart attack.

Read Ken's blog. It's a fascinating look into the TV, movie and baseball business (Ken also calls the play by play of Seattle Mariner games on radio).

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