Thursday, 14 July 2011

Biking the Kananaskis Valley

I managed to pick up a case of Runner's Knee (patellofemoral syndrome) on my descent of Heart Mountain last week, so have been trying to take it easy. What could be easier than taking our trusty steeds out for a ride on the paved pathway in the Kananaskis Valley, known as the Bill Milne Trail?
Our trusty steeds. Mt. Kidd in the distance
Looking up Evan-Thomas Creek
I have always said the downside with biking is the lack of photo opportunities that you get when hiking.

The paved path stops at Wedge Pond, and so did we.
The Wedge on the left, Limestone Mtn on the right

The Fortress peeks over the ridge on the left; Mt. Kidd on the right
We took the Wedge Connector and the Evan-Thomas fire road to get home.
Looking west at incoming storms
The whole route we rode today had bear warnings on it, and Wedge Connector in particular had lots of bear scat and tracks on it. We made lots of noise, at one point scaring off a deer.

In fact, we saw a fair amount of wildlife today. There were a number of Columbian Ground Squirrels around Wedge Pond.
Watched from the grass 
Yelling from the trees
We saw some mountain bluebirds, and in addition to the deer we spooked, here was one we didn't.
Mr. Fuzzy Antlers
He let me get pretty close.
Not much zoom used here
And here's why
The deer was scared away by a group of Harley-Davidson motorcycles who stopped to try and take his picture.

Deer and ground squirrels weren't the only animals out today. Someone on a trip from Stampede came out for a picnic in their stretch SUV limo.
Bigger than the MINI SUV from Amsterdam


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RyderDA said...

August 2013 Update: If you're reading this post to actually find out about biking the Bill Milne trail, the trail remains split in two at the Evan-Thomas creek, though it appears they're trying to put the creek back under the bridge. So for now, flood damage restricts the trail's use to the north half only, from Kananaskis Village to the Mt. Kidd RV Park.