Saturday, 13 August 2011

And the big move starts...

My week at a glance:

Saturday: Getting rid of the last stuff.
Sunday: We start collapsing shelves and other furniture.
Monday: We take possession of our new house. Freezer contents move.
Tuesday: We pack the things that can't be shipped by the movers.
Wednesday: Last day to access stuff and prep.
Thursday: Movers arrive to pack everything. Pool table moves.
Friday: Moving van load day.
Saturday: Moving van unload day at our new house.
Sunday: The unpacking starts. It should take until December.
Monday: The new owners take possession of our Calgary house.

And in the middle, 3 basketball games, as the U of C Men's Team plays two NCAA Div 1 teams, the Lamar Cardinals from Texas (coached by the son of famous coach Bobby Knight), and Middle Tennessee.


Edwin said...

Blue Raiders...that brings back memories as one of their most talented lettermen once donned a Groningen jersey; Tim Blue a lanky, 6'9" Forward that can jump out of the gym and has a jumper to boost. Are you still going to visit Diuno gamews after you've completed your move?

Have fun, you'll need the escape from the frantic moving! BTW liked the pool table move bit!!

RyderDA said...

The games will be just over an hour away. If I lived in the south end of Calgary, it would take me nearly an hour to get there, so yes, I will still go to the games.

Plus, I am on the organizing committee for the 2012 Canadian University Women's Final 8 Basketball Championships scheduled for March, 2012.

Edwin said...

OK, I'll keep an eye on those Final 8 games as well then!