Tuesday, 23 August 2011


There's something that amazes me about the moving process. Having moved before, we get real movers (Tippet Richardson, in this case) to pack us. Three very nice ladies packed my whole house in one day. It will likely take us a month or more to unpack. But what is amazing is this:

We open a box. We unwrap the stuff inside (the paper it's wrapped in is called "crush") and put the stuff away. We then put the crush back in the box it came out of. The amazing part? The crush doesn't fit back in the box it came out of. Witness:
Boxes overflowing with crush
We moved 104 boxes. We have probably unpacked 25 at this point. Not yet tackled? The master bedroom:
Wardrobe box upon wardrobe box
The reason? We have a Catch 22. Our new place has only 2 closets, neither of which are in the master bedroom. So we need to buy some Ikea PAX wardrobes to put the wardrobes contents in. However, there isn't room for the PAX wardrobes because the wardrobe boxes are in the way.

Maybe we will just live out of wardrobe boxes for a while.

The kitchen is unpacked. We added all of our old Ikea IVAR shelving to make everything fit. I spent today assembling shelving in the basement. Not stacking it with boxes, just assembling it. And I'm 9 bolts short of being able to finish (how did I lose 9 bolts?).

We still have no furniture. KC took over one director's chair to sit on. We're moving in the furniture from the West Wing, but we need to make space for it first. And as soon as we take it out of the West Wing, our sanctuary won't really be that livable any more, so we're not in a rush to move it over.

Our dining table is covered in items that we don't know where to put as yet. We have dozens of boxes of art we're afraid to unpack as we don't know where it all will hang (we have MUCH less wall space than we used to), and we need to hand some of the stuff from the West Wing, too.

I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be at this moving thing for a while. And we're taking the next two days "off" from moving, heading back to Calgary tomorrow for basketball meetings, and going hiking on Thursday up to Sunshine Village where were were in July of 2009.


Edwin said...

Ther's no need to complain about a lack of storrage space as long as you can talk about your house having a West Wing.....LOL

Enjoy the rest of the unpacking and especially the hike and the games!

Llisa said...

But think of all the awesome forts you two can make with all those boxes!