Friday, 19 August 2011

Game 2: A Quickie

I caught last nights game against Lamar, but not tonight's. We got pasted by a team WAY better than us. Observations:

  • OJ stepped up. Killer game. When the boy is hot, not even a Div 1 team can slow him down.
  • Tyler's shooting was better. Rustiness was likely the major factor in last night's performance. But note: he's a perimeter player who has been "upgraded" to post because of his size. He's a killer shooting guard. He hasn't got the physical bulk to fight under the net, and these two games proved it.
  • New guy Darius Sconiers (from Arizona) was a lot like Phil Lebongo from Tuesday: active, but not much in the way of results.
  • Phil: Like last night, but with better results
  • Josh O-T: Solid again. I'm pretty sure he will be one of the two full time imports.
  • Matt: For the court time he had, excellent. Foul trouble, though, and we can't afford to lose him to that.
  • Neb: More time, not much more in the way of results.
  • Walker: Again, why? No energy, no results ( I note he didn't even play today).
  • Keenan: Solid.
  • McGuinnes: Still shooting, to no avail. 1 for 6 from 3 point range? Blah. I struggle with this. Why him, and not Trevor Debolt, who is not back after being with the Dinos since 2008? Last spring, when OJ and others were down, I think Trevor played better than Andrew. Perhaps it's obvious why I am not the coach.
  • Daan: On the bench, not dressed.
Tyler & Matt got into foul trouble early, and the Dinos played with a 4 guard offense most of the night. On the bright side, this showed what the guards can do. On the downside, this also showed the Dino's biggest weakness - no depth in the post or forward ranks. We have 3: Fidler, Lekteman & Bakovic.

Ross and Henry were in the house both nights (BTW, "the house" was only about 600 folks, over half of which were from Texas, Tennessee or Edmonton), and both are heading out this weekend. Ross is newly engaged (as of last week). Both are really looking forward to playing with Nijmegan. I wish them both the very best.


Edwin said...

Thanks for the update! Will be seeing Henry and Ross in Nijmegen soon. As my offices are about 2 k from the gym where they will be practicing!

How has the move gone so far? I know more psots to follow but a small update would be greatly appreciated!

RyderDA said...

Make sure you intercept them and say hi. I was talking to both Ross and Henry at last week's game, and mentioned to Ross I knew a Groningen fan who happened to live in Nijmegean... they're expecting you.