Saturday, 10 September 2011

Crap in the Cupboard and a Hole in the Wall

I thought we were done finding crap left behind by the previous owner of our house. Um, no. This week, we braved looking into a "cupboard" that is above one of our only two closets. Turns out it's an attic space. And it was full of crap.
KC in the Cupboard 
A view into the attic
So what was in here? Well, thankfully, less than was in the crawl space.

  • 4 years of National Geographic magazines, 1979-1983
  • A bunch of books, mostly old school books dated 1980-1984, but some novels and a LOT of kids books
  • a TI-99/4a computer in it's original box (I checked. Yes there is an active user group for this computer, which was discontinued in 1984. It's worth about $15)
  • A suite of geophysical maps to Pemex's Oro field, dated 1983
  • Kid's school assignments from 1980-1985
  • A few stuffed animals
Our new house is a "handyman special" built by a guy who didn't pay much attention to, oh, the electrical code. For instance, we plugged in something and fried its electronics. I got out my tester and sure enough, it was 220 V, but with a standard 110 V plug instead of a proper 220 V plug. I took some wall sconces down to aid in painting, and found he had extended the wires with a portion of a lamp cord (conveniently not marked black and white). We have light switches that do strange things. We have plumbing pipes tied up to the ceiling using rope and bits of rags instead of pipe hanging strapping. Yeah, our new home was previously managed by a "do it yourselfer". I'm waiting to find the duct tape.

And we took a mirror down in our hideously green-painted bathroom to aid in painting it a much less offensive colour. And discovered...
The mirror hanging in place
...where the spare toilet paper is stored.
Just a hole cut in the drywall

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