Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Too-friendly squirrels

We were outside today and noticed a baby squirrel cowering in the corner of the deck. We didn't seem to bother him until we came very close, and he scampered around trying to avoid us. He came up against the tree in our deck but didn't seem to want to climb it. But he was VERY interested in KC. So instead of climbing the tree, he started to climb her.
Up her legs to the tummy 
Around to the back 
On the shoulder
Having gerbils was good practice for this. The only trick was he didn't want to (or couldn't) leave, and he hung on to her for quite a while. He tried climbing in her hair. He went around her neck twice. Finally, KC backed up to the tree, and I got a canoe paddle (no, I was actually being nice), but we couldn't coax him to climb onto the tree. Finally he wriggled down her and back on the deck, where he promptly tried to hide in our garage, then attempted to get to where we think they nest in our neighbours yard, but couldn't figure out how to climb the fence.

After a while his mom showed up, but she couldn't teach him to climb either. But like all moms, she yelled at him a lot.

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