Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A really big hole, and other progress

Mr. Backhoe Dude showed up this afternoon, and in the space of about an hour, dug a 7' deep, 10' wide hole in the yard to get out the culvert surrounding our water well's wellhead.
The digging starts 
Still 2' to go 
Checking the water connections are clear 
Out she comes 
Bye bye culvert
Excited to be rid of the culvert, I called Mr. Well Guy. He seemed nonplussed. He still wanted bentonite, still wanted me to disassemble the fence so he could drive in, still was non-committal about when he would come, wasn't happy that the excavation was done while he wasn't there, etc...

So I fired him. Loser.

Within an hour, KC had found a new guy out of Calgary (Mr. Well Guy II) who promised to be here Thursday to put everything back together again. And I'm betting he will actually show up.

The gasfitter dude also came today, and set up connections for both the new fireplace insert...
Through the floor and exposed was the only way 
The basement tie in
...and the BBQ bib.
Wow. It's a tap!
He also kindly disconnected and removed the gas fired heater in the garage. It was only installed circa 1962.

Ah, progress.

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