Thursday, 22 November 2012

More on the Reno Progress

The tiles that were supposed to arrive Wednesday now won't be here until first thing Friday. Gotta love Canmore time.

The kitchen dudes came back yesterday to go through the "but" list of items yet to be done. During the inspection, a bunch of little buts were squared away. They found two doors that weren't constructed properly (one is warped, one has a delaminated section) that will be replaced.

You may recall I mentioned here that we had blown the design of the wine cupboard by making it have a capacity of at least 72 bottles (fill it up and it would have pulled off the wall). That was our fault, not theirs. Well, we mentioned it to the kitchen dudes and they suggested we just pull the X out of the cabinet, and make a new one out of 2 shelves. We thought that could be a challenge, but turns out the X is held in only with 1 small pin, because its designed to jam in the box. About 2 minutes of wiggling and the X came out.
...and after
As I mentioned, the heating pads and floor leveling was done last week while we were away...
You can make out the wire pattern
...and the pot lights were installed in the ceiling.
Lights in. Pendant drops moved, too
So now the tiling will start tomorrow, maybe, if the tiles arrive.

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