Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Late Again: Feb 21st, Ski Day #13

Vert: 10,020 m YTD Cum Vert: 121,330 m
Runs: 20 YTD Cum Runs: 222

The perils of posting over two and a half weeks late is we forget. Fortunately, we have photos and notes to remind us.

The blue sky reminds me that day was last last time we skied before the snow drought ended. The snow was fading, having been tracked for 3 solid weeks with no fresh. Ice was showing up. Photos like the one above make it look wonderful, and it was indeed nicer than staying at home, but still, the 30 cm of snow that started falling 3 days later was much needed.

This was also the first day on my new Nordica Enforcers. Now, the dimensions on these puppies are 135/98/121, meaning that while they are happy on groomed, they are happier in fluff. Today, therefore was obviously not a great day to put them to their first test.

And I wonder who decided that skis needed a graphic image of a blue skinned guy, with 6 arms, wearing a necklace of skulls, who has a lion in his crotch, and is hanging on to two cobras. Personally, I think they look stupid. Obviously, I missed the meeting.

But they ski very nicely.

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