Saturday, 28 March 2009

Ski Day 23: All the Weather, All the Time

Vert: 10,665 m. YTD Cum Vert: 214,380 m (this day broke 700,000 vertical FEET for the year)
Runs: 18 YTD Cum Runs: 428

The day started sunny and -8 with 6-10 cm of light fresh dust everywhere - just a great morning.

Underneath was generally very soft, but many of the moguls I ran across were a little on the hard side, most notably in the glades on Goats Eye like Goatsucker. Many people were enjoying Delerium Dive, and while I did not partake, I spoke to several who did and who reported it excellent, with knee deep lines. Around noon it socked in and started to snow big fat flakes.

The lasted for a while with low viz, but by 2 PM it started to lighten up though it was still snowing. It snowed on and off all afternoon, enough to fill in tracks in the Bye Bye Bowl. Even with good viz, it was still pretty lonely in the bowl.

It was also a pretty quiet day, with cars only 1.5 km past the gate, and no lineups of consequence at Goats Eye in the morning, Angel or Divide in the afternoon. At 3:30 PM, it was -5 and snowing on Divide, but bright and sunny and +1 in the parking lot.

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