Friday, 1 July 2011

Attention Readers Who Happen To Be Dutch Basketball Fans

Last month, while in Amsterdam, I posted about two University of Calgary basketball players I know who are playing in the Dutch leagues, one for Leiden, one for Groningen. Amazingly, that post became my third most popular post on my whole blog's history -- in under 48 hours. Someone on a Groningen basketball fan site found my post, linked to it, and magically, I had a lot of hits. So for the few Dutch people who stuck around and continue to read my missives (and yes, I'm thinking of my friend Edwin, among others), here's an interesting one.

The University of Calgary just signed (as an import) one of the players who was on the Groningen team, Daan Weirsum, to play in the 2011-2012 season. Here's a write up on it. Daan's stats don't show he had a lot of court time in 2010-2011 with Groningen. Can anyone tell me about Daan? He's import #3 on a team that's only allowed 2 imports to be dressed per game -- an interesting position to be in.

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Edwin said...

LOL Daan has never played for our senior team. He played for the u18 and u20 teams. Word has it that Henry Bekkering set him up with this opportunity. Daan is a lanky 3 with a smooth shot mostly spot up. He's a decent rebounder but he'll have to work on his first step both in defence as well as offence. Daan is good helpside defender and a good kid to boot!