Friday, 3 February 2012

Ski days 29-32: Powder and critters

Day 29 vert:       5,270 m    Day 29 runs:     13
Day 30 vert:       8,170 m    Day 30 runs:     15
Day 31 vert:       8,105 m    Day 31 runs:     16
Day 32 vert:       8,350 m    Day 32 runs:     16
YTD cum vert: 182,020 m    YTD cum runs: 409

I am behind in my personal blogging, because mostly, we've been skiing and that means my other blog posts for the 4 days here, here, here and here cover the days.

It's not that "all we do is ski" (though I broke 500,000 vertical feet this week). We have arranged a renter for our condo, which is good, and we continue to make it ready for her. I have almost finished setting up my music room in our new house; the guitars are here, the keyboard's ready but I need to figure a place for my electronic drum kit.

And we have been taking care of the critters in the neighbourhood. This week we had a really good one: a Marten. Normally called Pine Martens around here, they're actually an American Marten. This dude is seriously cute.
In my tree, looking curious
He's a top notch predator, and he puts my squirrels into a tizzy because he eats them. They have a habit in my neighbourhood of building nests inside houses, which is fine up to the point where they bring in the dead squirrel to eat. 

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