Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ski days 38-40: Rest in bed, drink plenty of fluids...

Day 38 vert:       7,565 m    Day 38 runs:     14
Day 39 vert:       6,855 m    Day 39 runs:     13
Day 40 vert:       4,550 m    Day 40 runs:     10
YTD cum vert: 240,775 m    YTD cum runs: 529

We were skiing Wednesday (Day 38) on the second of two consecutive great powder days (which you can read about here and here) and ran into one of my SnowHost bosses around 1 PM. He was looking for someone to cover a Friday shift (Day 39), so I said sure.

By 3 PM, my nose was running, but this is pretty normal when I ski, so I took no notice. We went to a wildlife tracking talk that evening, and it started running seriously. We grabbed a pizza afterwards, and by 10 PM, I felt like I was hit by a truck. I spent Thursday in bed feeling like crap with an awful cold, getting up for exactly 45 minutes to have dinner. At 6:30 PM, I had a slight fever of 99.5°. But I had made a commitment, so at 6:45 AM Friday (Day 39) was up, heavily medicated and dressed to go SnowHost for the day.

It was an excellent day as you can read on my other blog here, and I almost enjoyed it, though I felt terrible most of the day. So far, so good. At least I got some "rest in bed". But we had a friend drop by for the night, so I cooked dinner, and following the advice noted above "drank plenty of fluids". Observation: wine and Sudafed are one heck of a combo. On the bright side, I managed to get into bed by midnight (unlike KC, who stayed up chatting until 3 AM...)

Back up today at 6:45 AM (Day 40) and even more heavily medicated for my regular duties as a SnowHost, on what we all figured was going to be one of the busiest days of the year (it's a long weekend here). I begged my boss for light duty and he graciously complied, right up to the point where he asked me to lead an afternoon tour that I talk about in this post here -- which totally drained whatever little energy I had left. I barely made it home, and crashed asleep for almost 2 hrs without even getting undressed from my ski clothes.

Rest in bed... drink plenty of fluids... I'm not sure I'm good at following those instructions.

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