Monday, 6 February 2012

Ski days 33 & 34: Amy and Gabby

Day 33 vert:       7,085 m    Day 33 runs:     13
Day 34 vert:       8,705 m    Day 34 runs:     17
YTD cum vert: 197,810 m    YTD cum runs: 439

When you become a regular somewhere -- anywhere -- you get to know some of the people who work there, and they get to know you.

Our favourite place to eat lunch at Sunshine is the Chimney Corner in the Sunshine Mountain Lodge. Good food, good service, a lengthy menu, nice views -- it has it all. Please go. And when you go, ask to be seated in the section of one of my friends, Amy or Gabby. The Chimney Corner has lots of good servers, but these two are the "best of the best of the best".

Gabby hails from Australia, Amy from England. Both ladies are drop dead gorgeous, both greet you with huge smiles, both are super friendly, both will take the time to chat if you have time. Both will get you in and out fast if you're in a hurry, or let you take your time if you're not. Both will come by quickly when you arrive, get you something to drink while you study the menu, and both give great advice if you can't decide what to have. Want the cheque? No waiting around with these two.

And did I mention they have great smiles?

As a SnowHost, my job is to help people have the best day possible on the mountain. People (snowboarders in particular) complain about the flats at Sunshine. I can tell them how to avoid every one of them. I get comments about lift lines, and I can tell you how to avoid those, too. On my other blog, I provide advice on how to get the most riding out of the mountain, like this post.

I also hear people complain about some of the service at Sunshine. You want the best service on the mountain? Go see Amy or Gabby, especially if you're there mid week. Tell them I sent you.

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