Monday, 24 October 2011

Finishing the projects

We're off to Maui in a matter of days, and so our projects are coming to a close. Sadly, we will be a week short of being able to move into our new house, but it's getting so close we can taste it.

We finished building and hanging gates for the fence.
Yours truly building the gates
One built and hung, one waiting for a hangin'
Both hung, and both as straight as pumpkins...
...but with the boards hung, you can't tell how crooked things are
We are now totally finished the shed. Knowing we had squirrels living in my attic, we knew they would take up residence under the shed. Well, either them or Pine Martins. Or skunks. Or a bobcat. Or any one of the many other critters who live here (we keep finding coyote poop in our front yard). Accordingly, we had to seal the underside with wire fencing, which as to be sunk 6-10" into the ground.
Fencing installed
Finished. Totally.
The painting has progressed as far as it can. We initiated the construction of a closet last week that won't be built for a week or so, plus we found some cruddy wallboard that needed fixing. After those two projects are done, then the painting can finish. We have ordered the hardwood bits to fix the floor, and the tile for the front entryway. Today we finished selecting lights and ordered all of them; they should also arrive while we're gone.

So with luck, we will come back to a house we can live in. That only took 3½ months to get ready.

Welcome to Canmore time.


Edwin said...

Great to read (and see) that things are comming a long. Just a shame that guys couldn't get the job done before heading for Maui.

Enjoy Maui (once again) and keep us posted on your ongoings will you?

RyderDA said...

Absolutely. Hoping for some shark, octopus, eel and turtle shots.

BTW, Calgary lost two men's team starting posts to injuries. One, Boris Bakovic, is a National Team member, and is now out for the season.; The other, Tyler Fidler, is really strong, but has been sidelined for several months. Daan W. is getting MUCH more court time than even he hoped for.

I think it's going to be a long season.