Thursday, 13 October 2011

Shed done, and other reno updates

Two more days finished the shed, for a total of 8 days from when we started to work on the foundations. It took all Tuesday day to do the shingling...
Art shot
Crawling around and nailing between my legs
...and most Wednesday day to make the doors and door frames.
The finished product
They gave us just short of EXACTLY enough shingles to do the roof. After using all they gave me, I would have liked to have another course across the top, we threw away exactly 2 pieces, an 8" (that got wrecked) and a 4", and we were forced to use a 4" piece (which you're not supposed to do). It sprinkled rain on us right near the end but we got it done.

The doors fit much better than I thought they would and were a lot easier to hang, too.

We made a bunch of mistakes but despite this, it still looks OK and is very functional. It did take much more time and work than we thought, and probably would have been overall easier to build with 3 people than 2, but we got it done. Next job is to hang gates for the fence between the shed and the fence.

Our painters continue to plug along. Yesterday, they unearthed some rotten wallboard from what is obviously a leak in the ceiling (though how recent the leak is, is unclear). Looks like we will have to pull that section of roof apart and fix it when we reno the kitchen next year.

We also concluded that the "right" thing to do in our bedroom is to build a proper closet, rather than to put up wardrobes as I mentioned in this post from some 7 weeks ago. So we'll see if we can get that kicked off tomorrow.

We also finally met with a lighting guy. He told us it's almost impossible for us to have lights installed by the time we head to Maui, and so our thoughts of moving in officially by then are now officially dead and gone by the wayside. Accordingly, we remain residents of Dead Man's Flats until December.

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