Saturday, 8 October 2011

Project Shed continues

The shed (or more precisely, a pile of lumber and some instructions) was delivered late Thursday morning in the pouring rain. By the time we got it all into the garage, most of the wood we needed to paint was soaking wet, and it took a couple of hours to dry. Accordingly, we could get very little painted Thursday. In fact, all we got accomplished was painting 4 of the 8 sheets that will clad the exterior, on the one side that needed painting.
4 lonely sheets
Friday, we spent the better part of 6 hours painting in bursts of 45 minutes with 20 minute breaks for drying time, glad to be in garage away from the rain and at least partially warm. Our inventory:

  • The other four 4x8 exterior sheets, one side
  • Both sides of nineteen 8' 1x3's that are trim and door bits
  • Both sides of four 6' 1x6's that are for the front and back soffits
  • Both sides of two 12' 1x6's that are the side soffits

Most of the boards
It dawned sub zero this morning and very foggy, but the sun burned the fog off by 10:30. The rain that fell down for two solid days low fell as snow "up high", making the mountains now very white. "Up high" is only about 600 m above the valley level, and word has it that there was over 50 cm of accumulation above 2,000 m.
Ship's Prow from the West Wing first thing Saturday 
The Three Sisters at 6 PM 
Mt Collembola at 6 PM
We were only able to start construction at 11. Yes, we made more than a few mistakes, had to pull a few nails, invent a few instructions, and had to recut some things, so we were slower than people who know what they were doing would take. But we got all the framing done.
The first 3 frames up 
Yours truly, Carpenter Dude 
Framing done
Tomorrow comes the exterior cladding, and I suspect we won't have the whole thing finished until Monday. Maybe even later than that.

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