Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Getting rid of the tenants

The kind folks from the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation came by a few days ago and sealed up two holes the squirrels were using to get into our attic. Turned out there was not just one way in, but two. In addition to an obvious gap in the roofing under an eave, they also chewed a hole under another eave.

The AIWC folks aren't into trapping them, but rather evicting them. So rather than use traps, they seal up their holes...
The hole they chewed blocked by wire
...except for one, where they put a one way exit door.
The door near the now fenced off main entrance
They leave but can't get back in. We know the door was used yesterday but not today. We know there's a mom with at least 3 kids, and we have seen all four in the last 2 days.
Two kids playing in the tree 
A very bold one who likes to talk to us
So we're pretty sure they're gone from their nest in our roof. Now the AIWC folks come back, remove the door, and seal up the hole. Problem solved with a 1 year guarantee that they won't get back in.

Zero mortality. No squirrels in the attic. How cool is that?

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