Saturday, 29 October 2011

Maui first days

After a typically long and uneventful trip we are ensconced once again in paradise. Yesterday was grocery/supplies day, so today was the first day to hang on the beach, our main activity here.
My home away from home for the next month
Our first snorkeling swim was a good one, with 7 turtles, 1 eel and an octopus to watch. I'd show you the photos, but...

As I wrote in this post, last year Karen bought me the Kodak Playsport waterproof camera, which leaked the third time I used it. I sent it back to Kodak after getting home, they allegedly fixed it and sent it back. I hated the thing so much I haven't used it since. I took it swimming today, took 2 pictures and it died. Why? It leaked. Again. But not just a bit. It was FULL of water this time.
Water fills the display
When I got out of the water and opened the two doors, water poured out. The battery is now shot. Which is fine, because when I got home, I threw the thing away. It's a piece of junk, and has been since the day Karen bought it for me.


Edwin said...

No place for frustrations in paradise!

Edwin said...

Link to a small profile of Henry and Ross and a recap of one of their games.

BTW Ross broke a bone in his hand in a freak accident immidiately after the game. His hand is in a cast now and and he's out indefinetely