Monday, 10 October 2011

Two more days of shed building

I actually thought that building the shed would take 2-3 days after the foundations were ready. Now, "days" in my world start at 10 AM and usually end at 5-ish (in part because it's only about 4° at 10 AM, and about zero at 8 AM), but still, I thought it wouldn't take that much time for actual construction.

Yesterday, we started putting on the exterior cladding. First comes the back wall...
Just the back wall
...then the front wall, which goes up as a sheet...
Why not build a cube instead of a gable roof? Hmmmn...
...from which the door and roofline are cut out.
Carefully peering from up high
Next comes the walls. Since we're building an 8 x 10 shed, the walls are made of 4 pieces.
One panel 
It was right around here that we found out that the shed was really not square, and really not straight. We had 4 x 8 side panels that wouldn't fit on the studs without being at an angle. But we worked at it a bit and took some liberties, and got them up.
2 Panels 
The exterior cladding is up
But things really started going south when we put the first roof panel on, which was the last thing we did yesterday.
The roof starts
If we lined up the roof with the end of the end truss, it wouldn't overlap the roof joist 8' away. If we canted it so it was straight and true according to the trusses, it overhung the eave on one end by 3". So today we jigged and jagged, wiggled and futzed with it, and got all the roof on. But we ended up with a huge gap in the middle because we couldn't make the roof panels meet while getting everything else lined up with the trusses. We also had a 2" gap on one side we haven't figured out how to fix.
Guess we got some fillin' to do
Next went up the soffits...
One side
...then the first of the fascia boards.
Front & right side fascia on. Subfacia 2x4 on the left
So after 3 days, we have just finished Step 7 of the instructions. There are 11 steps. The want us to put on corner protection next, but the weather forecast says it's supposed to rain starting tomorrow night, so we have to get the shingles on next.
End of Day 3 
From the back yard
Here's hoping the rain holds off until we can shingle. And that we can fill the gaps in the roof. Somehow.

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Edwin said...

Good luck with the rest of the Shed and esp. the roof. Getting that done in a way that is aesthetically acceptable seems like a challenge...

Meanwhile stats of Ross and HEnry's first leaguegame as pro-teammates are in. Ross scored a nice double-double 12-11 (I could be one off) and Henry connected on a couple from the field totaling 14 in a convincing win against Weert.