Sunday, 13 March 2011

Ski Day 23: Back to Big White(out)

Vert: 9,765 m;   YTD Cum Vert: 184,915 m
Runs: 22;   YTD Cum Runs: 332

Big White is known for a few things. The snow. The snow ghosts. And the fog. There was lots of all three today. The snow's in great shape generally, but there was only a few cm's of fresh this morning.

The snow ghosts are normally only up high; this year, they go down almost to the village. Here's a full sized one part the way down Roller Coaster.
The issue today was the typical BW fog wrecking the viz. The cloud deck was obvious.
The viz below it was fine. In it? Well, less so.
We refer to this as "one chair viz", since you can only just make out the chair in front of you. But if you stuck to the non-ghosted trees, the stuff below the fog and even in it wasn't bad.

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