Friday, 18 March 2011

Ski Day 28: Finally into The Cliff

Vert: 10,455 m;   YTD cum vert: 233,210 m
Runs: 24;   YTD cum runs: 444

The weather forecast was basically wrong today. It said we were supposed to have nice blue skies all morning, and while the sun was out, so was a cloud/fog deck that sat at the level of the top of the Bullet chair, plus a lot of high overcast that made for OK light but not sun tanning weather. You can see both in the photo below of my brother setting new land speed records on Paradise.
He likes to do that. This means that I spend the majority of my days at Big White either on the groomers or in the stuff next to/near groomers. In fact, if it wasn't for Claire, I probably wouldn't ever do green runs. However...

So the weather wasn't optimal, and in addition to the clouds, there was a very chilly breeze especially at top of the Powder Chair. We thought about going to Gem today, but the top kept popping in and out of clouds all day...
...and we had already been lost in a white out over there once this week. So we stayed low and on the front face.

However, I did venture into the Cliff on the south side off the top of the Bullet. This is the easiest access to the Cliff and tends to be tracked up, but given that we don't go up the T-Bar much is the only the access I can get. However, there were lots of lines available with boot top or knee deep powder that are very fine indeed.
In fact, the whole hill remains eminently skiable with only the odd scraped bit showing up on the steep high traffic runs. Here, for instance, is a view of some of the glades in the Black Forest.
KC likes taking arty shots, so I thought I should include at least one.

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