Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ski Day 27: Serious sunshine, mostly

Vert: 10,370 m;   YTD cum vert: 222,755 m
Runs: 22;   YTD cum runs: 420

At last sun, for most of the day anyway. It dawned clear on the hill...
Behind us to the south and west a low cloud deck sat in the valleys.
As you can see, only a skiff of snow fell overnight. But as you can also see, (1) the groomers rocked; (2) vast untracked expanses became available for the riding, like the Enchanted Forest and others that were invisible two days ago.

We did quite the tour of the hill today, riding every major lift from Gem to the Black Forest, except the Cliff (Alan and Claire don't like the Cliff). We got to the Sun Bowl, which was great despite the fact that I crashed twice on 2 runs (once hitting a tree well I didn't see coming, and once hitting the top of a tree poking out of the snow).
Yes, even Alan braved the Bowl. And he liked it.

The best part about today was that while the sun was warm, the temps were cold (-8° or so most of the day) so the snow did not turn to mashed potatoes as I expected. Twice (once at lunch, once later in the afternoon), 15 minute snow showers blew through. So the conditions were awesome, and will remain so.

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