Saturday, 26 March 2011

Ski Day 32: Busted Again

Vert: 8,840 m;   YTD Cum Vert: 267,255 m
Runs: 16;   YTD Cum runs: 513

I got to Sunshine today to see that a looseness in my binding I noticed a few weeks back was far worse. We went into the repair shop and I found that two the the screws holding my front binding on were sheared off at the ski, and my binding was hanging on by one screw. Heaven only knows how long its been like this. They couldn't fix it on the hill, so I had to rent skis for the day. I rented a pair of Saloman Shoguns, and didn't like them very much. So I spent an hour at the start of the day in the repair shack, and had to leave early to take my skis in for repair to Canmore (hence the low vert). There I was told the problem was unfixable, and my bindings had to be removed and remounted. Maybe it's time for new skis; these have 88 pretty hard ski days on them...

Anyway, it was a mixed bag today, with 5-10 cm of pretty fresh powder in the morning...

...pretty good viz despite the overcast, the odd sunny break, and nice temps (-5° or so to start).
Equal parts of sun and low cloud was the rule for the afternoon, and the sun was indeed warm, and while it only raised temps to the +3° or so range up at Divide base, the snow started to get heavy around 1:30.

When I used to fly gliders, the view from cloudbase was always impressive, dark and wispy above with light underneath. We got some of that today up on Divide.
You can still see fresh powder patches in that picture, and it was taken at 2 PM.
Indeed the traffic was light today and there were freshies most of the day (if you knew where to look).

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