Monday, 14 March 2011

Ski Day 24: Puking pow

Vert: 9,640 m;   YTD cum vert: 194,555 m
Runs: 26;   YTD cum runs: 358

We awoke to 11 cm fresh and typical Big Whiteout conditions. By 9 AM it started snowing and it basically dumped all day, at times (particularly later in the day) at Fernie rates of multiple centimeters and hour. This meant we had fresh tracks in the morning, more in the lower trafficked areas just after lunch, and still more at the end of the day even on main runs. There weren't many people here today, and those who were here seemed to like the Black Forest, where we, too, spent most on the day in a failed attempt to find half-decent viz. The view from the bottom:
Still, the pow over there gave run after run of freshies until about 11, when the main runs started to get tracked up and the majority of the obvious easy tree routes tracked as well.

It's always hard to tell how hard it is snowing in pictures. So try this picture of my brother...
...or of me.
As I mentioned, we stayed near the Black Forest most of the day, but later in the day, KC and I went to check out the conditions on the Ridge, and had a pile of fun on Red Hook, which when covered in boot top powder is pretty easy to ski.
We were soaked by the time we got back to the condo. I don't think GoreTex is designed to keep out 15 cm of snow. We got the glove monster hard at work to dry stuff.

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