Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ski day 17: Drips

Vert: 5,840 m    YTD cum vert: 89,905 m
Runs: 13    YTD cum runs: 220

You can see on my other blog here what kind of day it was on the slopes. As a rule of thumb, if there's a chinook wind warming up Calgary, it's windy and snowing at Sunshine, which is exactly what was happening. The data I look at says that it was downright hot in Calgary today, setting a record at +15° C. Well, that heat made it all the way to the mountains where it is above zero and raining (snowing up at Sunshine's altitude, but rain down where I live in the valley bottoms).

This is making a mess of my driveway (currently a sheet of ice about 2" thick, now so polished you can skate on it). The snow is melting on my roof, and most of it is coming down the eavestrough, though there's still ice partially blocking some of them. Unfortunately, water is also showing up where I don't want it. Like, for instance, my bedroom window.
Drips forming
Now I don't know what the source of the water is, but I'm betting my roof is leaking. I'm betting, too, that there was some ice inside my attic which is melting with the above zero temps, and running down whatever vapour barrier I have up there to the window header, where it's running down both the inside and outside of the window.

Ah well. Yet more work to do in the spring, and yet another problem my home inspector failed to note.

BTW: I rode the lift with two folks from IJmuiden today...

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