Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ski day 22: Almost helping celebrities

Vert: 4,500 m    YTD cum vert: 116,500 m
Runs: 9    YTD cum runs: 280

They called in a bunch of extra SnowHosts today to help with the celebrity function happening at Sunshine this weekend. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his Waterkeeper Alliance folks are in town for a fundraiser. 

We didn't have to do that much; we helped out the VIP guests get prepped at the base, and did a few private mountain tours for them. We were also on-call for overflow afternoon guiding, but our services were never needed. But we did get to see the celebrities coming out of lunch as we were waiting.
Ed Begley Jr.

An awful shot of Alec Baldwin
Lorenzo Lamas, Alicia Silverstone, Paul Mitchell (of hair care fame), Marcia Gay Harden, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Kenny Loggins all went past. Probably a bunch more went past, too, but dressed for skiing, people are generally incognito, as KC demonstrates.
Is that a famous person in Bye Bye Bowl?
I did get to take three of the VIP folks through a field of untracked boot top powder, which they liked immensely. Interesting VIPs. Two were from Texas, and one was from Canmore...

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