Friday, 20 January 2012

Ski day 22: Waking up when you want to

Vert: 7,410 m    TYD cum vert: 129,360 m
Runs: 15    YTD cum runs: 305

It has been (weather-wise) a hideous, no good, rotten, very bad week, with daily temps starting at -32° or so and rising to a mere -25°. This has kept us in the house, doing chores, such as finishing hanging art, organizing the basement, unpacking boxes (it's only been 5 months since we moved), closing out basketball stuff, wiring the home theatre room, hanging lights, and chipping off other such items on our to-do list.

However, the word was that it would warm up today, and it did. It was -15° when we left the house this morning, -10° when we hit the Sunshine parking lot, and -5° up on the mountain. You can see my ski & condition report for today here. It was a nice day despite the cruddy viz. So we finally got back to skiing, and almost skied the entire hill.

But we spent the rest of the week "sleeping in." I put quotes around that as I'm not sure what is "normal" wake-up time is. If we're going skiing, it's ~8:00. If I'm SnowHosting, it's 6:45. If KC is coming with me on a SnowHost day, it's 6:30. If we have chores to do, it's ~9:00. But if we're not going skiing, and we're on our own sched, we wake up when we wake up. The cat (photo above) likes to bug us for a play or a cuddle around 8:20 after his automatic feeder gives him breakfast. But just because he comes to say hi, doesn't mean we respond.

So this week's wake-ups were 9:20, 9:40 and 10:15. This is one of the many joys of retirement: you get to wake up when you want to. If you're a dude who's an early riser and thinks the best time of the day is 5 AM, go for it. Like sleeping in? Give up on the alarms, buy black out curtains, and hang in there until you have to.

KC and I are not morning people. Accordingly, I think we have 30 years of sleeping in to catch up on. I, for one, am looking forward to it.

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