Monday, 2 January 2012

Ski Day 16 Stats, and Visits with my Daughter

Vert: 8,105 m    YTD cum vert: 84,065 m
Runs: 15    YTD cum runs: 207

I don't have much to add to my snow condition report on my other blog here other than to expand further on KC's crash. We had hit some deep snow in the trees attempting to traverse to Gold Gladerunner, and it was "interesting" to cross. KC opted to just drop down through the trees on the top left of the photo below...

...while I continued traversing. I got to the bottom of the pitch and no KC. Finally I saw her way back up the hill waving one ski in the air. She had made 2 turns and then faceplanted into a big powder drift, losing a ski in the process. I skied down, rode back up, then skied back down to help. The first problem was finding her in the trees. The second problem was finding her ski, which was buried 2' down in powder. Only took us 30 min of poking around in the snow. We were glad it was sunny.

I was off-loading photos from KC's camera today and found that she had taken pictures of the day my daughter visited last week. The weather wasn't the best, but we dragged her out for our first ever walk in the forest around our neighbourhood that turned out to be more of a hike than I expected, and longer, too -- probably about 5 km.
My beautiful daughter
Mt. Rundle. My house in in the forest, centre left
We wandered up onto a ridge that overlooks the Bow Valley.
Canmore is below the gap in the middle
We found a wolf track and lots of other tracks that were probably bobcat. We also found lots of trees riddled with woodpecker holes.
My daughter and I, and a tree full of holes
Another woodpecker tree

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