Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ski day 15: Hugs and basketball

Vert: 8,500 m    YTD cum vert: 75,960 m
Runs: 13    YTD cum runs: 192

Today as a SnowHost, I got to play "Tokyo Subway Stuffer", packing people into the morning gondola line. This results in high efficiency loading, less congestion around the gondola base, and really does get folks on the hill faster. All my best photos from the day are up on my other blog here, so I won't re-post them.

At the end of the day, I was at the top of the ski out thanking people for coming, wishing them a safe trip down and a happy new year. I was hugged by three women, too. There's a perk of my job I never was told about.

A brief basketball update:

I know at least one reader of my blog is interested in the goings on with my local basketball teams.

My girls won their Christmas tournament, beating teams from the University of Toronto, University of Victoria and Royal Military College. Toronto has spent 5 of the first 7 weeks in the season in the top 10 ranked teams in the country, up as high as 8th. UVic was a powerhouse last year but has not been ranked in the top 10 this year. In late November, in regular season play, we beat the University of British Columbia, who have not been ranked below 5th in the nation so far this season. We're in a VERY tough division, with 3 top 10 ranked teams vying for play off spots with us (Regina, Saskatchewan and Alberta). But things are looking good.

The boys lost all 3 games over Christmas against California NAIA schools, the Azuza Pacific Cougars (losing 96-58), the Concordia Irvine Eagles (110-67), and the Biola Eagles (80-65). On the bright side, Dino's star import Boris Bakovic played a bit. Josh Owens-Thomas continues to play well, getting 28 min/game and averaging 6.9 ppg. Daan Wiersum is playing much less, managing only 5.8 min/game and 0.5 ppg. But then our coach likes to play his seniors and keep his freshman players on the bench. A lot. The Dinos have not done well thus far in regular season play, and I think it will take a near miracle to get us into the playoffs. Maybe Boris' return will help. The coach has also brought up two folks who played for us last year to assist. Here's hoping.

Happy new year to all.

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Edwin said...

Yep that'll be me! Apart from being a freshman, Daan just isn't that good...Sorry Daan! Truth be told, haha.

Just a shame that you guys are now having to go through a rebuilding process after all those years jam packed with success.

Is coach known as a good recruiter and will you guys be better in 2 / yrs time?